Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Season Wrap-Up

When thinking about your accomplishments in fitness this season:

-What one word describes your 2010 season? Involvement - because this year I was involved in a lot, but didn't accomplish any racing and didn't hit the goal of 4k on the mileage, but I did work on it.

-Does it match what you said last December in anticipation of this year?No! I participated in a Tour, a Metric 100, and attempted a 100.

-What one word comes to mind when you think about your 2011 season? Endurathon - I still look forward to working on a randonée for the first time. The ones I've looked into have not panned out and the ones left would require some travel within the state. Not a problem! (FYI-Paris-Roubaix started out as a randonée).

-Did you race any new distance this year or try any new type of racing or sport? No, I attended some races to see what my team members were doing. If my times hadn't tanked in Sep I would have raced in Gruene in October. Both bikes are set up reasonably that a crit/road race or another Time Trial is not out of the question for 2011.

-What was your greatest thrill or joy this year from training or racing? Big tours such as the Wildflower and the Tour de Gruene.

-What was your biggest disappointment this year from training or racing? Not training regularly during the week, but with the stresses of family committments and work kept me busy.

-What was your favorite race in 2010? Favorite event was the Wildflower and the Bruehler Memorial Ride This was one of those events when I felt like part of the racing team because some of the racers also did the event!

-How important was the social aspect of your sport in 2010? Extremely! I know I'm a social being and enjoy the social aspect of everything that we do.

-If you had to name three people that made a difference in your training this year who would they be? Gabe Garcia for training insight, Luis Leal for the feeling of belonging in a club and Filip Vanacht for inspiration!

Multi-Sport Totals for 2010

So here are my Multi-Sport Totals for the year. This too is tracked on Active Trainer which is part of the Network

Jan Bike 298.7 tm 20:10.24 No Cross-Training
Feb Bike 102 tm 07:35.42
X-Training Yoga tm 01:30.00 Normally incorporated when I'm having issues with my back.
Mar Bike 220.52 tm 14:45.13
X-Training Walk tm 02:28.00
Apr Bike 163.26 tm 11:22.46
X-Training Walk tm 00:20.00
May Bike 271.43 tm 20:45.17
X-Training Walk tm 03:07.00
X-TrainRun 11.8
Jun Bike 234.68 tm 17:56.57
X-TrainWlk 5 tm 02:40.00
X-TrainRun 3.5
X-TrainBrick 43 tm 03:27.28
X-TrainYoga 3.25tm 00:57.00
Jul Bike 586.4 tm 44:32.57
Aug Bike 535.6 tm 38:31.36
X-TrainWlk 5.3 tm 02:00.00
Sep Bike 260.25 tm 16:53.40
Oct Bike 241.02 tm 16:29.06
Nov Bike 184.55 tm 16:37.05
X-TrainWlk 3 tm 02:00.00
Dec Bike 170.55 tm 12:13.52
X-TrainWlk 2.3 tm 01:10.00
Totals Brick 43 tm 03:27.28
Totals Xtr 4.25 tm 02:47.00
Totals Wlk 15.6 tm 13:43.00
Totals Run 15.3
Total 3268.95 tm223:40.26

So some Yoga, some walkin' and some runnin' Nothin' to write home about although I remember workin' hard on getting my running going again with the walking to support it. The bricks were good and no real problem there, but again I believe everything I do in the Summer gets me tired for what I need to do in Sep/Oct. Quelle lastime!

If I had all the time in the world, I would wake up and do 1 hr + of yoga, ride for a couple of hours, walk with my wife late at night, swim on Saturdays, ride for three hours on Saturdays and ride fast for two hours on Sunday. In order to do that I would have to retire! Not going to happen any time soon!