Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Athletic Goals for the Year

Season's Goals:

Short-Term Goal: Concentrate on losing weight while building base miles. Thank you economy for the impetus.

Intermediate Goal: 200 Lbs - lean, massive, cycling machine! Top five on Thursday Night Bike Mojo Ride, Finish with the Chainreaction Racers, try Wheelmen again eventually and finish with the fast group.

Season: Race the TT again at Ironhouse, Race 100M on Wildflower, Race 100K beat
4:03 plan and complete a Brevet 200K distance event, and finish another triathlon same or greater distance. Support Cycle Logic Sponsors through referrals, participation and some racing :-)

Training Objectives:

+Plan rest ie periodization
+Hold/Concentrate on Long Ride (with weight loss speed will come)
+Fartlek - speed play
+Maintain Nutrition
+Explore on Rides combine Routes