Friday, April 24, 2009

The Caloi TT Rig Follow-up

Well, it's been a couple of months and the results are good. I've read in that big guys can really push on the flats and I'm proof of that. Recently on a short stretch of road that I regularly push myself on to see how fast I can go by a predetermined point, I reached 34.7 MPH. The fastest I had reached on this particular stretch on other bikes was 27.X so I know there is a difference with this bike. At the same time I'm thinking team strategy and what's that going to help with unless I'm in a team time trial. Anyway, I'm feeling really good about the help the Caloi Strada is providing.On my longest ride this year which was also my first attempt at 100 it was evident with the right factors happening in my favor I would be able to do some damage with this machine. 82 plus miles in 5:12. It could have been better if I hadn't had to suffer so much on the first half of the trial. The 20 MPH winds and gusts of more than that had me going the last hour of the three for the first 50. I had averaged 15.5 through two hours, but then my pace dropped off as I became more exposed on the route. My split at 50 was less than three hours so I knew I could get close to my PB but things did not all go rosy. The only thing that I can atribute it to is traffic on a Saturday as Kathy out by Thelma said "Saturday traffic!"On the randonee front I spoke with a guy of some notoriety here in South Texas because he commutes 120 plus miles a day round-trip regularly. He wants to do a 200 mile brevet sometime this Summer. I would love to go with him since it includes a loop that I have wanted to do for some time: The Mo Ranch loop up by Hunt! Turns out I know his girlfriend and she's Brazillian and I grew up in Brazil. It was really cool to meet a guy that this past year in a six month period only used one tank of gas. Talk about going green! He was living it daily!

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