Friday, April 24, 2009

New Caloi TT Rig

Dude, I've only had the bike since New Year's Eve, but have already logged six workouts with the new rig. Almost 100 miles! Dang! First time to own a dedicated TT bike. My wife and I decided that we would build up the caloi frame to a time trial rig (TT) that I got when I cracked the other one and build up the litespeed after we get all the caloi sh!t back on the new caloi. I used an Airstryke aero set up with the T2 Wing from plus the little knobs to put all the computers and HRM sh!t on from and to be fair to everyone that I do business with :-) the tubes were from the Broadway and the Gator Skins were from peace and love to all you guys in the new year.I don't know if it's because I've been riding the MTB for the last few rides before the end of the year since everything else was in the shop at Cycle Logic with Allen, but the new rig feels so freaking lite or maybe it's because I'm heavier due to the festivus celebrations :-) or is it the celebration where everything is decorated in red and green! Ha!Caloi no longer has a presence in the great US of A so the frame came straight from home in Brazil. How would my life have been different if I had ridden a Caloi as a kid in Brazil? Beats me, but I'm loving it now. Allen says it's the first in TX or US can't remember. He still has the connection as a dealer here in the states.Don't get me wrong the tight geometry and responsiveness of the Litespeed is phenomenal and I wouldn't have it any other way for a crit set up. Why does a quality wheelset have to cost freaking 2grand? It wouldn't be quality if it didn't right?!I know I'm being very random. BTW anyone up for a 100 miler down to Pleasanton (that incredibly does not have a bike shop in town)? If I'm training for Triathlons and also training for a randonée I need to start or get back to it. I attempted 7 100 milers with the Litespeed and finished five of them the last one in 5:46 woo hoo for me at least. I wonder how the slipstream of the TT set up will help in those efforts. Since we are being random why do Randoneurs ride touring or audax(whatever that is) set ups? It must be about smelling the roses for them and just finishing. But I thought there was a time cut off? Anyway see you guys out there! Thanks Allen!

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