Sunday, April 10, 2011

Season what Season!

So last week I did very well in a short distance time trial being that I was the first one back and averaged 19.6 on the way out then dropped to 18.9 on the way back. Thinking that I would have an awesome result like last week this week was a mistake because I totally blew out, blew up then dissolved with a brief come back at the end. So I resolve to reassess this whole cycling mess!

I blew out my back somewhere around thirty working too hard on the hills between Retama and Bulverde/46 then was hanging on the hills at 1863, but with some cramping issues then hung on after the 50 then from 70 to 90 I totally blew up - the wind was just more than I could handle! In fact I was the lanterne rouge from 70 to 90. Yes I admit it I blew off the hills on Schertz pkwy in liu of the flats on the back road to Selma. Then rejoined the route at 99 and finished with 101+

I always said that family, faith and friends come first! So why in the hell am I busting my butt for 7+ hours! This has gotta stop! I will go back to Family Faith and Friends and ride with the Hill Country Touring group until something amazing happens with my training. So if nothing happens not much will be reported here, unfortunately not like it has been a whole lot of posting anyway! Thanks for listening/reading! Have a great week!

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