Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Family and Faith Friendly Goals

Well on my way on the weight loss front with 20 lbs shy! 100 Miler, 79 miler, 100K in 4:03 in the bank. Intervals on Thursday with Bike Mojo. Started planning the Brevet. Things are lookin' up! This was from March 15, 2011. So that was about a month ago, and since then another five pounds has gone. So March 24, 2011 and we're 25 shy of where I was at Christmas! So, I'm starting to think the Brevet is not the way to go, but I decided to continue to concentrate on weight loss and try to pick up speed.

So three weeks ago I had the best finish on a ride in a long time I did the time trial course as part of the Pancakes in Paradise and finished first. I averaged 19.6 on the way out and 18.9 on the way back. Best finish in a whole lot of years, back to where I was a couple of years ago.

One week later I completed the worst 100 miler in my life. Winds of up to 31 MPH! There was one time when I remember coasting and normally one coasts at close to 10 miles an hour. The wind kept me at 3 MPH. While I was in the 60s to the 90s I was the lanterne rouge (caboose club) then once I got to Brietzke and got some help from the wind I started passing a few folks and started averaging something better than 14finally. At least I was not last in the long run. But I do know what that's like. I found out a week later that many turned around at the escape route out from the south and didn't finish the freakin' 100!

Reevaluated everything with that one. Faith, Family, and friends don't need to be affected by something that's supposed to be fun and healthy! Decided to continue, but with lessened mileage and a different commitment to speed and team. The weight-loss needs to continue. If it doesn't I'll go back to base mileage and work with a club that can sustain long slow miles. No brevet for now because of time commitment!
So now what?! Where am I?!

On fiesta Friday Gabe and I went for a ride and he schooled me on speed, goals, and hills. I couldn't have asked for a better time!

So last weekend, after the abysmal 100, I tried to hang with Chainreaction on River Road and got dropped somewhere close to Tarpley and headed back home by my lonesome since everyone was doin' major miles. The next day I hooked up with some guys from the neighborhood that I was able to hang with until we got on the rollers on Southton. They stopped at the RR tracks two hills from the Shell and turned around so I turned around with them and again they smoked me and I lost 'em around Mission Espada. So yeah, we were averaging in the 20s, but I couldn't sustain forever so I'll work on that meanwhile.

So this weekend I went for a short ride that turned into a long ride by mistake cause I couldn't find my turnoff. I was able to conquer Old #9 with the Litespeed Goat, but unfortunately the descent was less than stellar! At times I was averaging 20 uphill, crazy winds! So on the way home it was hard, but never found the one hill that I was looking to descend!

Yesterday again, I went with Chainreaction and we cut the 40 something short to 30 something that went well, but again not stellar since the day before took too much out of me. Today was good with TT practice for 31 miles.

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