Monday, December 31, 2012

40K TT 2:00 how - beats me!

Why no posts in a year!? Well after the crash in the Summer of 11 I didn't even attempt to see what was going on with the TT bike because I knew it was going to be expensive. So after basically Allan at CycleLogic telling me the bike was not safe it was back to the "you have to break it more." So I proceeded to pound the crap out of the fork to try to get it back into working condition. After doing this on two separate occasions the rig is now rideable, yes it pulls to the left and if I release the handlebars I will instantly crash. So I got back to the goal of riding the TT rig once a week and it paid off in 2012. Best time before - two years ago was 2:18.

10-20-12 on TrainingPeaks: 40K TT 2:00 how - beats me!

So on this day I remember leaving late, I was supposed to meet certain people, but missed 'em and then I ran into Joe because I had facebooked it saying I would be at a certain place at a certain time. So Joe and I talked, talked, and talked. It felt more like I was doing all the talking. In fact, I promised him that I would allow him to talk on our next ride together. So Joe has to get back and turns around so I continue on with the goal of going to Sommerset - I look down on my watch and notice I'm at 1:45 for the ride and I'm already on the straightaway at 410 SW so I decided to haul @ss and see what I could do with the TT PR(personal record). The last few miles I'm just leaving everything I have out on the road and it worked! I even went a bit further to make sure I got the full 40K! People always say that staying at a consistent speed is the best way to gain a PR on a TT course. This time I was lolly-gagging for three-quarters of the course and only hauled on the last bit. Go figure!

So why didn't I take that to the bank and try something at Gruene, well true-to-fashion for me I got injured playing soccer with the kids early on and tweaked my knee so I spun for about two weeks then getting back to it there just wasn't enough time to train well. I still did the tour! Slugged it out, but even the tour on the Litespeed Goat was not a piece of cake, but I finished!

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