Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time Trial Caloi Rig Front End Trashed

Crashed the TT Caloi Rig today on the Salado Greenway after a blow-out going 24+ mph, front wheel taco/potato chip, carbon fork steerer tube bent, all the aero stuff on the profile design front end all banged up, derailleur hanger bent/bolt stressed, pride bruised, ribs bruised, legs bruised, right-hand bruised and hurting! Rid buddy Jens (the guy with all the tatoos-used to be a wrench) comes by on his mtb offers to get his car to drive me home. Then proceeded to do a 22 miler recovery/fart around ride on the Litespeed Goat!

That was my status to my team on facebook. Cycle-Logic, not that they were counting on me doing incredible things with the TT rig, but we all do what we can with and for the team. I'm happy that this year I was on track to do better than I had done two years ago. I look forward to continue my progress without the Caloi TT rig. You can see above all the stuff that needs to be fixed and that will take a while to cure due to the tough times. I guess I could do the time trial events a la Eddie Merckx probably on the Gruene TT and nothin' else. Oh well!

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